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"We should not
teach children the sciences
but give them a taste for them."


We offer quality preschool programmes from 2 months - 6 years old. Our programmes are divided into two categories: Infant & Toddler and Nursery & Kindergarten

Curriculum Framework

Our curriculum is based on Singapore's Ministry of Education early childhood education framework, Nurturing Early Learners (NEL), which was developed by the Ministry together with Early Childhood Education experts and researchers from renowned international universities. 

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Integrated Approach





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Holistic Approach

The holistic education experience which covers all domains of children's development. 

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Nurturing Young Minds

Our curriculum integrates Thematic, Activity and Holistic approach to learning. Children learn through thematic activities with each theme covering all the domains of children's development. And each activity within a theme covers more than one domains. The integrated and holistic approach enables the children to develops an understanding of the interaction of each domain within an activity. This develops the children's Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

Education Excellence

Immaculate attention is placed on the recruitment, training and development of our teachers. Our team of teachers are well-trained and well-qualified in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE). Our teachers hold the right qualification (Certificate, Diploma & Degree in ECE) and are trained regularly both in-house and externally to ensure an exemplary standard of education. 

Learning Environment

We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment conducive for learning. Special attention has been placed on four core areas:

i. Space & Activity 

ii. Natural Lighting & Ventilation, 

iii. Colour & Psychology, 

iv. Safety & Ergonomics.

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