"We should not
teach children the sciences
but give them a taste for them."

Online Preschool

Have fun learning our entire preschool curriculum from the comfort and safety of home. The online preschool programmes: Nursery and Kindergarten 1 & 2 start from 4 - 6 years old. Online Preschool is the ideal way to prepare your child for primary level learning from home.


✔  Daily Interactive Class (30-45 mins via Zoom)

✔  Learning Aids (via courier)

✔  Integrated Activity & Thematic Learning

✔  Trilingual Learning

✔  Master Phonics, 笔画 & 部首, Suku Kata Concept

✔  Choice of Books or Ebooks

✔  Learning Progress Feedback

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is based on Singapore's Ministry of Education early childhood education framework, Nurturing Early Learners (NEL), which was developed by the Ministry together with Early Childhood Education experts and researchers from renowned international universities. 

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Preschool Activities



Circle TIme.png

Circle Time



Music 1.png

Music & Movement

Motor Skill.png

Motor Skill

Logical Thinking.png

Logical Thinking

Story Time.png

Story TIme

Programme Info

Monthly Fee : From RM 669

Semi-Annual Book Fee : RM 500

Class is conducted daily from Monday to Friday.

Close on weekend & public holiday.

Learning aids are sent monthly by courier service.

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